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  • Case Study USA: Beds by Ultimate Interiors

    Heritage Upholstery supplies a wide range of furniture components such as wooden and metal furniture legs and brass castors to hundreds of businesses all over the world including the UK, Scandinavia, Australia and America.

    These include shop fitters, interior designers, joinery and contracting service companies, product designers and furniture manufacturers like Gayil Greenberg and Esther Berger.

    Childhood friends Gayil and Esther started Beds by Ultimate Interiors, based in Brooklyn, New York, in 2010.  Sharing a love for good design, they initially launched a small decorating firm in 2007, but while designing a bedroom they realised the heart of the room is actually the bed.

    By bringing together their individual strengths they created their version of the ‘ultimate bed’ and within a few months the business had grown beyond their expectations. Today they help create beautiful bedrooms all over the world, specialising in upholstered beds and furniture for commercial, hospitality and residential clients.

    Clients can personalise their bed by choosing from a multitude of nail heads in different colours, finishes and sizes; piping in contrasting colours and textures; and legs of different sizes and shapes.

    Tia Furniture Legs with Brushed Chrome Slipper Cups Tia Furniture Legs with Brushed Chrome Slipper Cup

    Heritage Upholstery has provided Beds by Ultimate Interiors with samples of metal and wooden legs in different finishes to complement their traditional and contemporary designs, so customers can get a good idea of what their finished product will look like, and has built up a solid relationship with Gayil and team as their preferred supplier. The Tia collection pictured above is a favourite and can have a slipper cup in 9 different finishes.

    Gayil said: “Heritage Upholstery has a beautiful collection of furniture legs to choose from. The quality is really good and Martin and the team are extremely easy to communicate with. I love dealing with Heritage - more than any other company.”

    Director of Heritage Upholstery Martin Fahy added: “We receive orders from businesses in America on a regular basis and we are building up a really good client base over there. We use an express Fedex service into the USA and Canada, which can take just three days from order to delivery.

    “Beds by Ultimate Interiors are one of our best customers and we really understand what our respective businesses are all about. We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible and have even supplied them with bespoke finishes and castors, to suit the project they were working on at that time.

    “It’s the perfect partnership as we share a passion for beautifully designed furniture at an affordable price, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

    To find out more about Beds by Ultimate Interiors please visit www.bedsbyultimate.com

    For more information email info@heritageupholsterysupplies.co.uk or call and speak to a member of the team on 01522 685974.

  • Case Study: Bespoke Castings for Leading Corporate Furniture Solutions Manufacturer

    Leading corporate furniture solutions manufacturer Eximious Furniture designs and produces handmade corporate furniture from their factory in Leicestershire, UK, delivering high-end projects throughout Europe.

    Although the firm has been in the industry for a long time, it’s still leading the way with its use of many different materials and custom finishing. Their attention to detail on each piece of furniture led them to work with Heritage Upholstery in order to meet their clients’ specific finishing requests. As part of a much larger order of furniture for a customer in Berlin, Germany, Heritage designed and manufactured brass slipper cups, finished to an aged brass finish.

    Antique Leg Cap for Legs Regent Antique Slipper Cup

    Terry Batchelor, project manager at Eximious explained: "It was difficult to find a manufacturer for just 4 pieces of Antique Brass slipper cups (leg caps) for a bespoke furniture job for a European client. Heritage Upholstery designed these for us; 3D printed a prototype cup so we could make the furniture, and then delivered quality brass cups in approx. 1 month from enquiry to delivery. We met our tight timescale, and hope to work with Heritage again soon."

    “We like the fact that they offer so much choice and have no minimum order restrictions. We manufacture high-end corporate furniture solutions and our clients are often looking for something specific or unique, and Heritage Upholstery is a supplier who can help us deliver in this regard. Heritage was offering bespoke, high-quality products which we could order in small quantities.”

    “The team at Heritage are easy to work with and we have already earmarked other brass castings for them to produce on future projects both in the UK and Europe.”

    To find out more about Eximious Furniture please visit www.eximiousfurniture.co.uk

    For more information email info@heritageupholsterysupplies.co.uk or call and speak to a member of the team on 01522 685974.




  • Case Study: Heritage Helps Furniture Maker Go the Extra Mile

    Family-run business PF Collections has been producing fine, hand-made British upholstery for almost 30 years.

    Although the firm has been in the industry for a long time, it’s still leading the way with its classic and contemporary designs. In fact PF Collections’ mid-century Cocktail sofa and chair range, featuring Heritage Upholstery’s Asta solid oak tapered furniture legs, was recently on display at London Design Week.

    Oak Legs with Slipper Cups Alice Sofa with Asta Legs

    Based in Long Eaton in Nottinghamshire, the centre of upholstery manufacturing in England, PF Collections was founded by John Campbell in 1988. However, it was his son Chris Campbell who first came across Heritage Upholstery while looking for furniture legs in a specific colour for a customer.

    Chris explained: “We were making some furniture for an interior designer who wanted a particular sort of chair leg and sent us a link to a photo on Heritage Upholstery’s website. We really liked the look of it and contacted Martin at Heritage to find out more.

    “We used to use local suppliers in Nottinghamshire but many of those had disappeared and there was a big shift the industry which was forcing us to go down the wholesaler route. What grabbed me about Heritage is that they were offering bespoke, high-quality products which we could order in small quantities.

    “Their Asta legs, which have fitted slipper cups, for example, have a very high-quality feel and come in 22 different finishes. Our customers can also choose from nine different slipper cups, allowing them to create a piece of furniture that feels like it’s unique to them.

    “Martin and the team are great to work with and we like the fact that they offer so much choice and have no minimum order restrictions. We work with several top interior designers who are often looking for something very specific but only want to order very small quantities and they love the fact that we can offer them that flexibility.

    “We are now considering the possibility of commissioning Heritage Upholstery to make bespoke legs for us as our customers are increasingly asking for made-to-measure furniture or one-off designs.”

    To find out more about PF Collections please visit www.pfcollections.co.uk

    For more information email info@heritageupholsterysupplies.co.uk or call and speak to a member of the team on 01522 685974.Save




  • Heritage Upholstery Set to Become Market Leader

    Exciting times here at Heritage Upholstery as we’ve set our sights on becoming the first business in the UK to offer a 3D modelling and prototyping service to furniture manufacturers and restorers worldwide.


    We’ve just been awarded an innovation voucher worth £3,780 by the University of Lincoln, as part of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) supported Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire, to further develop the service we currently offer.

    As well as having thousands of furniture legs, castors and slipper cups in stock, we also make bespoke products primarily for high-end furniture manufacturers and interior designers. It’s something we’ve been doing for a while now and we’re really looking forward to enhancing this service for our customers.

    Previously, the process of designing and manufacturing a furniture part from scratch would have taken us several months. However, using 3D design and print technology, we’re now able to complete the process in just a few days.

    Our Managing Director Martin Fahy has been working closely with the University’s Designblok team to design and make prototypes for several new slipper cups using their in-house expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. We now hope to be able to expand it to include more of our products.

    We’re hopeful that the grant will enable us to become the only company in the UK providing 3D models and prototypes of both bespoke and preconfigured furniture parts to restorers, designers and manufacturers. We are confident that by offering a unique low-cost service and much faster turnaround times Heritage Upholstery will become a market leader.

    We already have an extensive customer base in the UK, Denmark, Sweden and US and this could open up a truly global marketplace for our business!

    Our success is also good news for the county as rather than having to look to India and Bulgaria to produce low-cost prototypes, we will be able to design and make them in Lincoln. As the business grows, we’ll also need to recruit more staff to add to our already growing team – keep an eye on our social media channels for up and coming career opportunities.

    We’re thrilled to be working with the university and have the opportunity to tap into their wealth of expertise and knowledge. Without their help, we would have struggled to achieve what we have within such a short space of time.


    For more information email info@heritageupholsterysupplies.co.uk or call and speak to a member of the team on 01522 685974.

  • London has Designs on Heritage Upholstery Supplies

    The traditional view of an interior designer has somewhat changed from the 1990’s TV series ‘Changing Rooms’. Interior designers are an integral part of the team when it comes to a design project and work hand-in-hand with architects, structural engineers and builders. Some work specifically for home furnishing-style shops and some specifically provide a one on one design service for clients with a specific brief in mind for their home or renovation project.

    We’re delighted to be able to work closely with interior designers on bespoke pieces of furniture or specific projects and have been supporting a range of London-based agencies and designers for many years now.


    The beauty of working with interior designers is that we often get tasked with some weird and wonderful requests and we thrive on delivering innovative, attractive and well-made items for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service and will often develop a product according to specific measurements or a design from a client or interior designer.

    We can work directly with the project manager or furniture manufacturer and work from an existing CAD file or create a CAD file from scratch.

    We’re lucky enough to have a design service in-house to ensure we get the product right first and every time. This level of service means we’re often recommended and sought out based on the relationships we’ve built up over the years.


    Using innovation in design

    We’re leading the field when it comes to design and earlier this year we created several new slipper cups for some of our furniture legs using the very latest in 3D prototyping technology.

    Our partnership with the University of Lincoln enabled us to create a bespoke furniture cup for one of the London-based interior designers we work with.


    Benefits of working with a good interior designer

    An experienced interior designer will take your ideas and create a realistic and achievable set of goals. They will open your eyes to a number of possibilities when it comes to transforming your home. They’re used to pulling together often unsightly and ill-thought-out spaces and working with a team of experienced and innovative professionals to deliver the needs of their client.

    Your interior designer should:

    • Provide general advice and help you set timescales and choose priorities for your project
    • Deliver ‘the look’ for your home. You may have some hidden gems already, it just takes a trained eye to spot them.
    • Coordinate – having an expert on your side will save you time and money when it comes to managing a project
    • Recommend – your interior designer will be able to make recommendations on suppliers, manufacturers and best prices for furniture, fabrics and textiles


    Choose your designer carefully - some have very specific experience and will be much more likely to help you achieve what you’re after, but it may well come at a price. Most interior designers are happy to offer case studies or examples of their work alongside client testimonials and recommendations. So be sure to ask for these before you embark on any project and spending significant amounts of money.

    If you’d like to find out more about the services we can offer for interior designers or our 3D prototyping service, then we’d be more than happy to have a chat with you. Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call today.

  • Choosing the Right Pair of Legs

    Choosing the right set of legs is no easy feat. There’s such a variety of options available, unless you know exactly what you want, just choosing the legs can be a lengthy process!

    Wood vs. Metal


    Depending on whether you use wood or metal can completely change the appearance of your furniture. Metal is generally deemed as the more modern of the two, however we do offer some more traditional looking metal legs.

    Wood is a great choice if you want to soften a room. It provides cosiness which metal sometimes does not. If a sleek, minimalist style is what you’re after, metal legs look great contrasted with a wooden floor.

    Light vs. Dark


    Light or dark wood can completely change the vibe of a home. Too much dark coloured wood in a room can make a space feel small and old fashioned. Whereas too much light wood in a light room may create more of a cottagey feel, not necessarily what you want to achieve. Contrasting dark wood with light upholstery and vice versa is a popular trend currently.

     Castors vs. Slipper Cups 

    Are you planning on moving heavy furniture regularly? Castors are an ideal means of making furniture mobile. They come in a variety of finishes and can attach to the majority of wooden legs.

    Slipper cups a hugely popular right now, for both their interesting design and their functionality. We sell both slipper cups and slipper cups attached to wooden legs, so be sure to take a look!

    Looking for some hints and tips, check out our YouTube channel which has some excellent ‘how to’ videos.


  • Those Summer Nights…

    As temperatures soar, we're all looking forward to long lazy summer nights entertaining friends and family in the garden.

    So, you may be thinking that’s great if you have the space, but what if you don’t? Well, we’re pleased to say you don’t need loads of space or equipment; all it takes is a little time and imagination.

    Here are some ideas on how to create a dedicated seating area, make your own garden furniture and build some handy shelving or storage.


    Creating the right seating

    You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive wicker, metal or wooden seating. You can pick up disused wooden pallets relatively cheaply or even for free if you know where to look.

    Pinterest has thousands of pictures and suggestions on how you can create some fantastic furniture for your outside space and we’ve added a couple of our favourites to our Outdoor Living board.

    Create a chair or sofa from pallets, give them a new lease of life with a coat of paint or spruce them up with one of our wood stains. You can transform your new sofa with some colourful scatter cushions, immediately creating a more relaxed and informal vibe to your outside area.

    Theme your seating area and cover foam pads with summery material or add a nautical theme to your outside space with seasonal stripes. You can find all the accessories you may need for upholstering or refurbishing a chair in the accessories section on our website.

    Top tip: Want to make your outside space a little more flexible? Why not add castors to your tables and chairs to ensure you can manoeuvre them more easily and configure your seating according to the number of guests you’re entertaining?

    Terrific tables

    You don’t have to be traditional when it comes to outside tables and dining spaces – think terrific instead! Impress your guests with innovative ideas and try creating a table top from an old door. Choose some statement legs from the huge range available on our website and you’re away – talking point table sorted!

    Consider upcycling an old wooden spool or wire reels into smaller side or drinks tables. They make a great addition to an outside area and can be handy when you’ve got lots of guests.

    Define the space

    Once you’ve sorted your seating, it’s time to think about how you define the different areas. Consider breaking up larger expanses with planters to create a great space for alfresco dining.

    Set the scene with some subtle lighting. We can’t think of anything worse than a summer evening with friends floodlit by an intruder-style security light. Use solar-powered lighting in strategic places and combine this with colourful fairy lights draped through trees and across fence panels to create a more ambient feel to the area.

    Got a small space? Worried about disturbing the neighbours? Using fence panels, tall grasses and climbing plants as barriers can help diffuse noise and helps to create a more intimate feel if the area is overlooked.

    Using mirrors, umbrellas (as you can’t predict the British weather!) and delicate metal furniture also helps create the feeling of space for those more cosy, smaller gardens or patios.

    Consider what you want to use your outside space for

    If you want to create an open-plan area that you can entertain in, then why not consider joining your internal and external entertaining spaces with bi-folding doors? They don’t have to be a splurge; you can create the same effect using cleverly placed glass windows or double doors. It’s a brilliant way of creating the impression of a larger space and adding light to your inside space.

    Whatever you’re working with and however you manage to create your outside space, we hope that you get plenty of long, warm summer evenings to enjoy with family and friends!

  • Chloe Looking Forward to First Leg of World Tour

    We’re very proud to announce that our e-commerce Marketing Director Chloe Loader, who is also studying architecture at the University of Lincoln, has won a prestigious scholarship from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


    The annual £7,000 2017 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship enables the recipient to travel and research the future survival of our communities and explore sustainable urban planning in some of the developing world's fastest growing cities.

    After spotting the opportunity on a poster at the university, Chloe submitted her proposal entitled ‘Emerging Cities: Sustainable Master-Planning in the Global South’.

    On the first leg of her trip she will travel to Curitiba, Brazil, to investigate how the city has managed to develop as a successful urban model, despite large influxes of rural migrants.

    She will then travel to Mumbai and Jakarta, two cities she will use as case studies, to compare and contrast with Curitiba and identify ways in which other cities of similar economics and demographics could evolve.

    Chloe is planning on embarking on her adventure at the end of July and will spend two to three weeks in each country. A keen traveller, Chloe is looking forward experiencing the different cultures and is now in the process of planning her trip.

    Everyone here at Heritage Upholstery is extremely proud of what she has achieved and while we will miss Chloe while she’s away, we would like to wish her every success. Who knows, maybe her experiences will inspire some new furniture legs or castors which we can add to our ever-growing product list!

  • Top 5 Upholstery Trends of 2017

    Upholstery trends are like fashion. You finally decide on a trend to suit you and suddenly it’s not ‘fashionable’ anymore. 2017 has seen some interesting trends filtering through and we think some may be here for a while. Here’s some of our favourites:


    Stripes are a classic favourite, constantly seen on the catwalk, it’s now firmly placing itself in our homes. Available in all colours and sizes, stripes are a versatile yet subtle way of introducing patterns into a room.

    Bauhaus Prints

    If you’re feeling a little more daring, the geometric Bauhaus-inspired prints are a great way to make a statement in your home. Blocky and bold, it’s a modern way to add interest to a block-coloured room.

    Hot Pink and Sunshine Yellow

    With everything that’s going on in the world, sometimes a bit of hot pink or sunshine yellow is needed to brighten our moods. It might not be for everyone, but introducing small touches such as coloured cushions or a statement chair makes it an accessible trend for all. Pair bright pink with a sultry grey, or sunshine yellow with a subtle cream for that sophisticated look.


    Nailhead Details

    This trend is certainly nothing new, but it is being used in a whole new way. No longer a mere addition to a piece of furiture, nailheads are stealing the limelight. Why not create your own pattern on your chair or footstool? We stock a wide range of decorative nails ideal for this trend!

    Dreamy Jewel Tones

    Glamorous jewel tones are seeing a resurrection this year. Fabrics in amethyst, ruby, emerald and sapphire are a luxurious addition to any home. Pair them with smokey shades and metallics to create an exotic vibe. Tip: This trend pairs can be paird with nailhead detailing for a truly customised look!

    Take a look at our range of wood finishes and coloured castors for some simple low-cost ideas to transform your furniture.

  • Bank Holiday Upcycling

    May is almost definitely our favourite month. Summer holidays are booked, the sun starts shining and best of all, there are two bank holidays!



    If you're stuck for ideas on how to make the most of your day? Maybe you need a back up in case the weather ruins your plans? Upcycling an old, tired piece of furniture is incredibly rewarding, and entitles you some great bragging rights when you return to work on the Tuesday!

    Following up from our Easter Bank Holiday chair upholstery blog post, it seemed worthwhile to add to our hints and tips!

    1. Remove the original fabric carefully – this will come in really handy when cutting the pattern of your new fabric.
    2. Use thick fabric – The fabric needs to be strong enough for you to pull hard without tears.
    3. Pull the fabric tight - If the fabric is loose, the project may look a little amateur. It's worth taking the time to get this part right.  After all, you want people to ask “wow where did you get it?”
    4. Use an air compressor with a staple gun – It’ll save you time and spare you of some nasty blisters!
    5. Quality = Time - Sometimes the best quality chairs are the hardest to take apart, so don’t be put off if it takes longer than expected!
    6. Buy extra fabric – Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Buying a couple extra yards of fabric could save you from a half complete project and bitter disappointment.
    7. Make it a team effort – Upholstery is a hard task for just one set of hands. Rope in friends and family to pull the fabric tight as you secure it into place.


    Finally, if you complete your project before 31st May 2017 we're running a competition to win £50 to spend in store with us. Visit our Facebook page for competition details. Good luck!

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