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Angled Leg Fixing Plate

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Quick Overview

Angled Leg Fixing Plate for securely mounting wooden legs onto your sofas, chairs and other furniture. Sold individually. Use with the standard 8mm dowel screw. These quality engineered plates allow a 12.5 degree angle to turn a straight tapered leg into an angled accent leg. Suitable for the vast majority of frames. Simply check the underside of the frame where you will be fitting the leg to ensure the plate can be screwed directly into the wood, check the width and depth of the frame. The plate is 60mm on each side. A nut is welded to the top side of each plate to provide added strength when the leg is screwed to the plate.

Screws are provided, 35mm in length, so all you will need is a screwdriver. Once the plate is fitted, then simply screw wooden legs from Heritage Upholstery Supplies, with 8mm dowel screw, directly through the hole in the centre of the plate by hand. The easy way to securely fit an angled leg to furniture.
Angled Leg Fixing Plate for mounting furniture legs to furniture. Mounting plate for sofa and chair legs. Use with 8mm dowel screw.